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The different formulas are examples of what we can do and need to be adapted to your needs.

Contact me to create the package that suits you.


Website creation

To build solid foundations

Choice of the domain name, servers, and interface

Web Design suiting your brand identity (colours, fonts)

Ergonomic website adapted to UX and UI

Content optimised for SEO

Implementation of SEO tools

2-hour training to get started with the site if wanted

2-month follow-up



To follow the evolution of your site in the long term and keep improving it

Adjust the number of hours to your needs

Follow-up & quote


On a monthly or quarterly basis



To gain visibility

Set a specific goal

Choice of appropriate keywords

Implementation of SEO tools

Optimizing website content for SEO

Link building

Monthly report


Website Translation

To expand your current customer base

With the incredible advances of artificial intelligence, one would say that you simply need to install a plugin to translate your site automatically.

This advice could instead harm the reputation of your company,

for nothing compares to a professional, human translation

that considers cultural differences and language registers.

As a French native who works with English speakers daily,

I translate your site into French.